I must admit I am quite sad to no longer be working with Sarah Haugen. Not only has she been responsible for the transformation of my diet and therefore, my health, but she has become in the two years in which my husband and I have employed her, a very dear friend. Read More

– Bryce Dallas Howard

Sarah puts an immense amount of love into everything that she does and it shows.
Her extensive knowledge and true understanding of life food, health & wellness,
combined with her experience and patient guidance has permanently improved
the quality of my life, and in turn, the lives of the people around me.

– Joseph N, NYC

Sarah coached both my mother and I with our first 14day liver and gallbladder cleanse with the herbs from Dr.David Jubb. As I was overseas,(japan and germany) I was able to always call her in NY and recieve very patient and step to step instructions when I had any questions during the fast. My mother soon afterwards gained her health and applies many aspects of the cleanse now and I continue to cleanse every now and then, applying Life Food wisdom in my daily life.Thank you for your loving support, Sarah !

– Satoko Matsumoto

Sarah’s regimen is truly unique and effective. In addition to training under the great Dr. David Jubb, Sarah has spent countless hours studying the different aspects of heath, food, yoga and meditation. With her creative and distinctive touch she has the ability to revolutionize ones mental and physical well being; molding them into who they were went to be.

– Shahin N, NYC

Sarah has taught me some amazing things about health and wellness that I remember every day. She has influenced my choices when it comes to what I put into my body if I want to live healthy and obtain the ideal body shape I need as a model.  Sarah taught be how to make so many healthy snacks, dinners and smoothies that were not only packed with all the healthy stuff my body needs, but it was all totally delicious.  Sarah and I LOVE tasty food (especially sweets!), so she knows how to make her recipes just as delicious as they are good for you. I’d do anything to have her smoothies with all the time!

– Val Carpender


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